A UK house buying guide to help you find your dream home

A UK house buying guide

For most of us, buying our UK home, or a property is the biggest purchase and largest debt we will ever take on. The process can seem to be fraught with issues, delays, problems, and it’s said that buying a house and moving is the third most stressful event after death and divorce! However, with a little forward planning and some professional assistance, buying a home needn’t be too traumatic.

With this in mind Better-Mortgages has produced an E-book called ‘The Better-Mortgages House Buying Guide’ which is free to our visitors.

Our  comprehensive 25 page house buying guide contains information on

  • getting good advice and sorting out the timing
  • mortgage budgeting – work out how much you can afford to borrow including calculating  What will your monthly repayments be? How much you can actually afford to pay each month?
  • what will the house purchasing cost? 10 areas of house purchasing costs which you must budget for
  • house- hunting including;
    locating property neighbourhood – 14 aspects to aid selection
    find your dream home – 7 key pieces of advice
    house-hunting resources – 4 main methods to finding a property
  • making an offer: how to work out your offer price and 10 pieces of advice on negotiating an offer
  • mortgage options; mortgage types and your mortgage application
  • arranging survey & the 4 survey types
  • how to choose a good conveyancer and what happens  when you exchange contracts

We explain each stage in detail, right up to completion and beyond. We describe what order to appoint and arrange expert help, as well as providing useful contact details for property-related expertise.  If you’re a first time buyer, after reading this you will know more than 99% of other first time buyers. Even if you’ve bought a property before you might learn a few things which you didn’t know!

In this package, we also include

  • four checklists for ‘property viewing’, ‘packing’, ‘moving’, and ‘change of address’.
  • a spreadsheet (MS Exel) to help you decide how much ‘free’ cash you have each month to put towards paying for your mortgage.

To find your dream home, don’t delay – download your copy of this package now, please enter your name and email address below.