Top 10 Ways of Financing Property Development

Property Development Finance

If you’re looking into the market of becoming a property developer or even a landlord, there is a variety of finance options available to help you begin your next project. See mortgages.

Even for property developers who are experienced, the borrowing market can feel complex and infuriating, which is why we have created a list of the best types of finance options so you can make the right choices.

Commercial property mortgages, get quotes today

Commercial loans are used when buying properties such as shops, warehouses and offices – basically anything that isn’t a residential property. Most of the time, commercial mortgages are taken out by businesses that are aiming to buy the premises where they operate at, rather than paying a large sum in rent. See more information.

It is a quick and great way of owning a property, even if you can’t afford to pay it outright.

Fast decisions and no fees on development finance

Development and bridging finance is often referred to as the same thing. They are normally used as a short-term solution to funding in order to help pay for building and development costs, which can include materials, development sites and purchasing property at an auction. Find out about property development loans.

Short-term auction finance

Auctions are the best way of buying a property at a discounted price and there are lenders in the same business who specialise in auction finance. Find your nearest auction.

When you have selected the ideal property at an auction, funds are usually required within the next 28 days, meaning you need to move fast in order to secure your funding. We recommend finding a broker who specialises in auction lending as it means you can get the money much quicker than alternative routes.