Dental Insurance

dental insurance

The cost of dental treatment has been rising at an alarming rate in recent years

Even routine check-ups can be costly. And we all know how difficult it is to find a dentist willing to treat patients on the NHS!

That’s why it makes sense to get dental insurance. For a relatively small monthly cost you can receive the best of dental care all year round, safe in the knowledge that it’s already paid for.

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What choice do I have?


The choice is yours – but as you can see from our explanation beneath – only once choice makes sense if you really care about maintaining your teeth.

As technology advances, the cost of dental treatment increases and less and less dentists will take on NHS patients – there aren’t many affordable options open to us.

The choices are:

Get dental insurance
For just a small monthly or annual payment you are covered for any eventuality.

Pay for your dental care privately with finance
The costs of private dental care can add up. However, most private practices offer competitive interest rates and affordable payment plans as well as 0% finance for dental treatments.

Join a dentist’s scheme which allows you to spread the cost of dental care over the year
This means you’re locked into a contract with one dentist. It also means that although your routine costs can be spread out over the year, you may still have to pay the major, unexpected costs without any help.

A unique service

No-one else can offer you such a detailed, thorough and individual service as us.

Once you have submitted your details using our simple, easy and quick quotation form – they will contact all the dental insurance providers in the UK to get you an up to date quotation. You will then receive a letter, quotation and application form should you wish to proceed.

The quotation form will explain in full the policy details of the recommended insurance provider. However, you will also receive details of every single dental insurance provider that meets your requirements, and their price for your insurance. It’s a unique service which gives you full control over your choice.

A specialist dental insurance representative will then contact you to discuss the quotation – and see if you wish to proceed.

What is included in a dental insurance policy?

You can tailor your dental insurance policy to meet your needs. This table demonstrates what you can normally expect to be covered for:


Premier Plan

Routine and preventive care, e.g. examinations, scaling, polishing and x-rays



General restorative treatment – e.g. fillings, extractions, etc.



Remedial Care – e.g. root treatments, repairs to crowns, bridges or dentures, anaesthetics, periodontal care (gums)



Major Restorative Care – e.g. new crowns, bridges and dentures.






Full reimbursement of NHS treatment charges



Covers accident and injuries (including amateur sports)



No restrictions on which dentist you use



Major advantages to Dental Insurance

  • Dental insurance allows you to use any dentist,
  • You do not usually have to be dentally fit before taking it out
  • You can afford to have dental work carried out, whenever you need it
  • You can afford to have regular check-ups and maintain your bright smile!

Find the best savings accounts

It’s crucial for your money to work as hard as it can for you and it’s important to make sure every pound is earning as much as it could.

Your savings aren’t going to grow very much if you leave your money lying idle in a low-interest account.

It’s up to you to make sure that your savings aren’t languishing in some account that pays little or no interest. You can forget earning 6% on your savings, as was possible before the financial meltdown. In January 2011 the average variable rate account paid a measly 0.94%* gross, so £10,000 invested at this rate would earn just £94 in interest over a year, which is nothing to shout about.

The Monetary Policy Committee’s decision to keep the Bank of England base rate at 0.5% is bad news for savers. “You’ve got accounts paying 0.1%. Three or four years ago you’d have thought nothing of an interest rate is 0.4 points below the base rate, but that’s because the base rate was 4.75%,” explains David Black, banking specialist for data provider Defaqto.
Eventually, the base rate will have to rise again, but when is anyone’s guess and it’s unlikely to make a significant leap.

The most important criteria when looking for the best savings accounts are good rates of interest and easy access to your money when you need it.

Most of the highest interest rates offered by high street banks are limited to certain groups such as pensioners, loyal customers or those who are willing to accept restrictions, but there are good deals out there if you shop around.

Through this website, you can get a summary of some of the best savings rates available and you can compare deals on many different accounts, to see who offers the highest interest on savings.

You should monitor your savings rate on a regular basis and be prepared to switch your cash to a better account if your bank slashes their rates.

You should regularly review your accounts and make a note of when fixed-term accounts are coming to an end. Choosing between fixed-rate bonds and variable rate accounts doesn’t just come down to interest rates though.

Ask yourself how often you’ll need to access the money and what you’re saving for. For example, a great way to save money is by being smarter with your dental finance. For example, some dental clinics offer affordable payment plans, which can help you from spending a lot in one go from private dental care.

Another issue with fixed rates is that things change – while 4% sounds like a decent deal, who’s to say whether in five years’ time you could get more for your savings?

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