Getting the right will first time- must read


Privy Council have years of experience when it comes to Wills. Their advisers are fully versed in the technicalities of framing them to exactly reflect your wishes. This means you’re in extremely safe hands.

Once your solicitor has received your contact details, a wills adviser will phone you and talk over your requirements. Talking face to face is by far the best way to ensure that your Will handles your assets correctly and we promise not to baffle you with legal terminology.

Your will can be processed over the telephone if this is what you require.


If you’d like a solicitor to store your Will, then they can do that for you. That’s not just for one year, but your entire lifetime! Storage fees can be up to £26 per year, but this will depend on who you opt to go with, so with a lifetime’s storage, we hope you’ll be saving a fortune! We strongly recommend that you do not keep your Will at home as it could get lost, damaged or even stolen.

Whilst you’re getting your will sorted, why not think about pre-paid funeral plans? Funeral directors are great at this as they can help you with costs, as well as creating the perfect plan.

A funeral director can support your family when going through a difficult time, as well as talking to authorities and completing paperwork, taking the stress off your loved ones.

Planning in advance means you can save costs as you will be paying today’s prices, rather than future prices which are set to soar.

For Newcastle based residents, visit this site to find a funeral director.