Here’s 40 Ways to Cut Costs at Home & Save Money

Having an energy efficient home can help you manage your finances massively. This is why we have conducted various studies to find out the best ways of managing your finances over a long period of time! Continue reading to check out 10 of our best tips when it comes to finances at home. Click here for our FAQ’s.

Save money on debt

You can reduce the amount of money you owe, which will lower your ongoing monthly expenses. Paying off your debt means fewer monthly bills to pay so you can start saving sooner. Find out more.

Here’s how:

Cut down on your energy bills

It’s no secret we sometimes experience hot summers and cold winters, but throughout the year we plug in hundreds of gadgets. Technology has bought us various ways of improving energy efficiency.

  • Install LED light bulbs into your home. These bulbs are around four times more efficient and last for many years. This will save you money on electricity costs and on buying new bulbs every few months.
  • Unplug all unused electrical devices. We all know what’s like to leave things plugged in, even if we aren’t using them. Even if a device isn’t being used and is still plugged in, a small amount of electricity is still being used.
  • Install energy efficient windows. This will help to minimise the amount of energy and heat is lost through poorly insulated windows. If you have an extension, consider eco rooflights with a U-Value of 0.65.